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Products FAQ - Susana Martins
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Products FAQ

-Do you take custom-made orders?

Yes, I want clients to feel free to add their personal touch. You can reach out to me at


What materials do you work with?

I work in 18k gold, in rose, white, yellow color or gold with black rhodium plated, all the pieces are engraved with Au750.


Do you provide after-sales customer care?

Yes, I will always be available to provide customer care service,  this service will be subject to a quotation in case of a repair outside of the guaranty.  In case of a manufacturing problem, the repair will be free of charge.


How can I clean my jewellery at home?

Cleanliness affects the beauty of jewelry and, while professional cleaning is recommended, maintenance between cleanings can ensure that your jewelry looks good all the time.

We suggest buying commercial jewelry cleaners from a jeweler or making your own cleaning solution. Warm water and detergent-free soap can be a great homemade solution for most jewelry and is the recommended way to clean gold.

To clean your diamonds, we suggest soaking them for 30 minutes in a solution of half cold water and half ammonia.  Always avoid using bleach and hot water as they can cause severe damage to your jewelry.


Metal care

Platinum should be buffed every six months and silver requires regular polishing with a non-abrasive polish in order to avoid or eliminate tarnishing. Gold’s shine can be restored by placing it in a solution of warm water, mild soap, and a few drops of ammonia.


Use a jewelry polishing cloth

When polishing gold or silver, jewelry polishing cloths give the best results. Avoid using tissue or paper towels as the fiber can scratch the surface of these metals.


How can I know my ring size?

To obtain the most accurate measurement of your finger, measure at room temperature, when your hands are not unusually cold or warm.

Alternatively to work out your size from an existing ring, measure the ring and use our sizing guide.


14.88 0.58 H 4.25 46.5
15.1 0.59 I 4.5 47
15.49 0.6 J 5 48.5
15.9 0.62 K 5.5 50
16.31 0.64 L 6 51
16.71 0.65 M 6.5 52
17.12 0.67 N 6.75 53.5
17.53 0.69 O 7 55
17.93 0.7 P 7.5 56
18.34 0.72 Q 8 57
18.75 0.73 R 8.5 58.5
19.15 0.75 S 9 59.5
19.56 0.77 T 9.5 61


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