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About Susana - Susana Martins
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About Susana

Susana Martins is a contemporary jewellery designer born and raised in Portugal. 

Currently based in Dubai, her journey as a jeweler started at an early age in Northern Portugal. 

Trained as a goldsmith and stone setter, Susana holds a post-graduate diploma in Jewellery Design at the School of Arts of Oporto’s Catholic University and a qualification as a Gemologist and Diamond Grader at GIA.

As a Jewellery Designer, Susana Martins’ work explores the intersections between architecture and design. Her pieces are not about self-expression as much as they are about how they communicate with our senses, memory, emotions, and body.

Known for her passion for the Art Deco Era, Susana’s aesthetic is clear, explorative, and grows from the classics to a global trend-driven visual language. 


The Collections


“The One”

This collection plays with bold and glossy surfaces featuring architectural-inspired structures and geometric shapes colored by ceramic enamels, a technique she masters since 2012.

“The One” Collection is inspired by Susana’s first draft sketches as a Jewellery Designer and shows how particularly passionate she is about the Art Deco Era and its widespread influence in the Arts and Architecture.


“Letter Mania”

Susana molds the alphabet with a perspective of fun full of color and diamond details.

The collection’s standout feature is the 3D effect present in pieces carved in letters or as meaningful words that sit perpendicular to the earlobe, creating a three-dimensional appearance.


“The Eye”

The eye has always been an admired jewellery motif, especially in the Middle East, where it is commonly associated with the culturally rooted protective qualities it is said to hold.

The pieces feature playful makeup details such as dramatic black eyeliner or eye shadow.

The inspiration behind it had a very personal approach. “I wanted to recreate this protective amulet and add some extra fun to my daily wear jewellery.”


“The Unstoppables”

Susana reinvents adornment with a relaxed vibe expressed through a fundamental design approach. The collection is like a gift of mirrored routes embracing high-speed life and abandoning the conception of what’s in front or behind.

The 360° perception was inspired by our hands’ motion and the vibrant positivity we project into the activity around us.

“The idea behind “The Unstoppables” was born after witnessing a great friend of mine trying to express herself with her hands stacked with some great rings. Wanted to play on this expressive power, the collection is influenced by your hands and in every movement that you make. Born from my passion for Fine Craftsmanship, the collection is like a 360 degrees canvas which offers multiple points of view.”




“The Design Atelier”


Since moving to Dubai, Susana has been passionate about creating a platform where jewellery design, production, and education can be brought together in a single space, and in 2015 founded a workshop with a gallery incorporated in Dubai’s premier Arts Hub Alserkal Avenue.

In 2017,  she embarked on her solo project, a Design Atelier, where she creates for her eponymous label and collaborates, as a Consultant, with emergent & established Jewellery Brands.






  • Clerkenwell Design Week – LONDON – artist exhibition in partnership with Munna Design
  • Maison & Objet – PARIS – product launch within the Heritage Revisited collection with Munna Design
  • Decorex International – LONDON – artist exhibition
  • Millionaire Fair – AMSTERDAM – showcase in the “highlights corner.”
  • Oporto Show – PORTO – product design exhibition
  • Divulgarte Art Gallery – PORTO – curator of contemporary jewellery exhibitions
  • Oikos – PORTO – participation in Artists for Solidarity –  Collective
  • Museo Automobilistico de Malaga – SPAIN – permanent exhibition and jeweled sculpture commission for the Jaguar Lounge
  • Author of the PORTUGAL MASTERS TROPHY OF GOLF – Commissioned by Portugal’s Tourism Office and PGA – Professional Golf Association
  • Author of  the Couture Collection for Eleuterio Jewels



  • Stuart Moore Gallery – NEW YORK – art deco-inspired collection commission
  • COUTURE DESIGN ATELIER – 2021 (coming soon)



  • Head of Design Department at AK Fine Jewellery, Dubai, 2012 – 2015
  • Jewellery Workshop/Gallery Alserkal Avenue, Dubai – Founder & Creative Director,  2015 – 2017
  • Founder of Susana Martins – Design Atelier, Dubai, 2017 – Present
  • CEO Savolinna Jewelry, Dubai, 2019 – Present
  • Business Consultant at Yataghan Jewellery, KSA, 2018  – Present


Susana Martins – 2021



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